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Drug treatment in Arkansas is offered in a wide variety of styles. Drug treatment centers know that this journey towards addiction recovery is a difficult one. As the addict seeks recovery there will be struggles  along the way but the first important step is the seeking of help. Arkansas drug treatment facilities can assist the drug abuser who is willing to make the effort required to get recovery.

The different stages of addiction recovery require different kinds of effort on the part of the addict as well as different kinds of assistance from drug rehabilitation centers. The addicts history of drug abuse will determine their needs in recovery.

Often the first, detox, phase of recovery is what keeps addicts from even starting down the road to drug rehabilitation. Detox, conjuring up images of painful withdrawal, is the first opportunity for drug treatment programs to really assist the addict. Treatment programs now offer drugs that can not only reduce the length of time that addicts suffer through withdrawal, they can reduce the severity of the withdrawal.

Treatment AssistanceOften this first detox phase takes place in a treatment setting. If drugs were used to ease the withdrawal this treatment setting will likely be an in-patient drug treatment facility. As the addicts mind and body become free of the effects of their drug abuse, they will begin to participate in various forms of counseling offered as a part of the drug treatment or alcohol treatment programs. The group therapy that is offered will provide the addict with experienced guides, the addicts peers in recovery, for the trail to addiction recovery.

In the group sessions the addict will learn that recovery really is possible, seeing the success story at different stages with their own eyes. This view of the trail they are trying to navigate will also let them see the pitfalls and choices they may be faced with long before those difficult moments actually present themselves. Armed with this preparation the addict is more likely to make choices that will keep them from turning back to drugs.

Another type of counseling available is the one on one sessions with professional counselors. These will give the addict to discuss in private concerns that they may not feel comfortable sharing in a group setting. It will also help the newly recovering addict to gain a level of comfort with speaking about themselves as well as the counseling portion of drug treatment programs in general.

Once they gain a level of comfort in their drug treatment program they can transition to an out-patient drug treatment facility that offers the same type of counseling though on a less frequent basis. Wit their sobriety a little more firmly in hand they can use their time to reestablish themselves into a lifestyle of recovery. Acclimating to friends who have never abused drugs or friends who have completed their own treatment program.

At the point the addict no longer needs regular counseling they can opt for aftercare. This provides the addict with avenues to receive care as they feel they need it from drug treatment facilities in Arkansas.

Arkansas Addiction Support Hotlines

Conway – (501) 205-1499 Jonesboro – (870) 277-4308
Fayetteville – (479) 439-8040 Little Rock – (501) 246-8865
Fort Smith – (479) 668-0809 Pine Bluff – (870) 277-4314
Herber Springs – (501) 205-1895 Pine Bluff – (870) 619-1611
Hot Springs – (501) 205-1766 Rogers – (479) 616-1610

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