Crystal Meth Addiction in Virginia

Methamphetamine, also known as crystal meth, is fast becoming a problem to reckon with in most parts of America, and the state of Virginia is no exception.

Though the number of users of crystal meth in Virginia is still quite less compared to the number of people who use cocaine, heroine and marijuana, it is still a growing problem like a bomb waiting to explode.

Crystal meth in Virginia comes clandestinely through the neighboring states of Kentucky, North Carolina and West Virginia. These are the three main suppliers of the drug into this state, but the numbers are added to because there is a vein of manufacturers within the state itself who are secretly producing methamphetamine within their hidden labs and then distributing it into the local market.

Virginia Meth Addiction Hotlines

Arlington – (703) 651-9151 Norfolk – (757) 273-8036
Blacksburg – (540) 443-6518 Norfolk – (757) 337-2939
Chesapeake – (757) 512-7669 Petersburg – (804) 835-6658
Fairfax-Vienna – (703) 651-9161 Richmond – (804) 767-4408
Hampton – (757) 315-8820 Virginia Beach – (757) 301-5097
Midlothian – (804) 302-5207 Virginia Beach – (757) 561-2606
Newport News – (757) 273-8028 Warrenton – (540) 266-3116

That is the reason why methamphetamine addiction in Virginia is becoming such a huge problem – it is locally made as well as it is supplied from outside in large numbers.

The largest numbers of people into crystal meth addiction in Virginia are found in the Shenandoah Valley. This area has been in contact with several people filtering in from Mexico which has been an important factor in increasing the methamphetamine exposure of the Virginians. The drug is used in club parties and in raves to a very large extent.

The area adjoining the states of Kentucky, North Carolina and West Virginia is also huge in methamphetamine addiction in Virginia. This has prompted a large number of treatment centers to deal with the problem of methamphetamine addiction in Virginia

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