Defining Alcohol Abuse and Addiction in Alabama

Contrary to popular opinion, alcohol abuse and alcohol addiction are not one and the same thing. The addiction treatment program of Alabama is an example of the programs that lay emphasis on this point. They make it very clear that abuse and addiction are two different things and it is quite important to know this difference because the treatment that a person gets will depend on whether his or her condition is a case of alcohol abuse or alcohol addiction.

Alabama Addiction Support Hotlines

Athens – (256) 217-4276 Gadsen – (256) 399-0220
Auburn – (334) 246-5330 Huntsville – (256) 217-4779
Bessemer – (205) 417-2555 Jackson – (251) 589-7828
Birmingham – (205) 588-1625 Mobile – (251) 281-2090
Decatur – (256) 217-4788 Montgomery – (334) 649-3039
Florence – (256) 263-4262 Tuscaloosa – (205) 210-4979

Alcohol abuse in Alabama refers to episodic usage of the substance that produces temporary effects in the person. If you go on an alcohol binge once in a while, then you are abusing alcohol. People who abuse alcohol will not actively think about the substance. They will carry on their life quite normally, but it is only when they drink that they go out of control during those moments. While alcohol abuse is much less serious than alcohol addiction, it is still a problem because a person even under a single episode of abuse can cause harm or injury to himself or herself or to others.

Alcohol addiction in Alabama is defined as complete dependency of the substance. People who are addicts of alcohol will not be able to spend even a single day without having the substance; and they will let alcohol rule their world. They will lose out on their productivity and become social disgraces. These people need treatment to come out of their condition, but it will be difficult because their intense dependency will cause severe withdrawal symptoms in them when they are made to abstain.

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