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Addiction recovery in Idaho is available for anyone who wants it. Drug abuse is a difficult foe to overcome. Its easy beginnings deceive the addict about the slippery slope that they will soon find themselves at the bottom of. Now though no matter how far the addict is down that hill they are making the right decision. By seeking information about drug treatment facilities and alcohol treatment facilities the addict is at least facing in the direction they need to move even if they haven’t yet taken the first step of beginning their addiction recovery.

That first step in any drug abuse recovery plan is detox

Detox, which brings to mind the painful struggle of withdrawal, is often the daunting challenge that keeps addicts from even beginning a drug treatment program. It doesn’t have to be as daunting as once thought. Several Idaho drug treatment as well as alcohol treatment facilities offer prescription drugs that can help with the detox process. No detox process will be pain and discomfort free for anyone who has abused drugs for s significant period of time. The prescription drugs can however help with the duration and the severity of the withdrawal.

counselorThe addicts who have a history of drug abuse that is heavy enough to require prescription drugs to assist the detox period are likely to receive those drugs as the first stage of their stay in an in-patient drug rehabilitation center. As the detox process progresses and the addicts mind becomes clearer they will be more prepared to participate in their own addiction recovery. One of the major steps of any drug treatment program is the various forms of counseling that are available.

Professional counselors will provide one on one sessions. In the beginning this will help acclimate the addict to the difficult task of opening up about themselves. As these one on one sessions continue on through out recovery they will provide the recovering addict with a forum to share the thoughts they are not comfortable sharing in group counseling.

group-therapyGroup counseling offers the addict a sure sign that success in a drug treatment program is possible. With the various stages of success manifested in front of him in the form of his peers in group sessions. By discussing their current challenges, these peers can also provide the tools the newly recovering addict will need long before the addict himself faces the pitfalls that are coming down the road.

Once the addict has reached a point they feel comfortable handling their own day to day drug treatment program they can transition to out-patient care. Out-patient drug treatment facilities offer the same types of counseling on a less frequent basis. They also afford the addict the opportunity to establish a network of support through friends and employment that will be the strength of their recovery as they transition out of regular care.

When the recovering addict feels comfortable managing their own addiction recovery they can opt of aftercare drug treatment programs. This offers the recovering addict an avenue to seek resources, that can help them maintain their rehabilitation, as they need them.

Idaho Addiction Support Hotlines

Blackfoot – (208) 904-3854 Meridian – (208) 904-2676
Boise – (208) 473-2876 Moscow – (208) 904-3939
Burley – (208) 473-2926 Nampa – (208) 936-3373
Caldwell – (208) 806-0095 Payette – (208) 806-0182
Coeur d’Alene – (208) 904-3942 Pocatello – (208) 904-3934
Eagle – (208) 473-2918 PostFalls – (208) 473-2857
Idaho Falls – (208) 228-5228 Rexburg – (208) 369-4648
Jerome – (208) 965-8108 Rigby – (208) 228-0532
Lewiston – (208) 965-8059 Sandpoint – (208) 965-8070
Meridian – (208) 473-2868 Twin Falls – (208) 228-5232

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