Outpatient Treatment for Substance Abuse in Rhode Island

The outpatient treatment program is always considered to be a more convenient form of treatment because the patient continues to stay within his or her own home as the treatment is carried out. This makes it much easier for the person to perform various other tasks that he or she might need to. The outpatient treatment program in Rhode Island provides these privileges to the patients.

People need to attend the therapy for about nine hours a week and even these are conveniently scattered over the week into three or four sessions, each of them with duration of three to four hours. The person will have to attend the particular treatment center in Rhode Island where the treatment is conducted.

Rhode Island Outpatient Treatment Hotlines

East Greenwich – (401) 256-5109 Providence – (401) 256-5113
Pawtucket – (401) 288-3581 Westerly – (401) 256-5168

Treatment is done in both group and individual formats. The individual treatment is more about dealing with personal issues that affect the addiction treatment and monitoring the progress of the person as regards addiction recovery. The group treatment is a classroom like approach where several people with the same kind of problem may be coached together on how they can fight their addiction and find solutions to various related problems.

The outpatient treatment program is a mild form of substance abuse treatment in Rhode Island. It is allowed for people whose addictions are not too severe, people who have already undergone a detox program and are looking upon this outpatient treatment as a method of aftercare, people who do not have any discernible health problems and people who can work up a determination to abstain from the drug and complete the course of treatment.

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