Addiction Help and Family Counseling in Wisconsin

When you are entering a member of the family into an addiction treatment program in Wisconsin, one of the most noticeable things you will see is that they will involve you very deeply into the program.

Even if you have an intervention program in Wisconsin to guide you through the addiction treatment, you will find that you will have to make yourself useful too.

In fact, at the end of the program, they will mostly have a family counseling program in which you and several other members of the family will be asked to attend and seek training. Why is this practice adopted in substance abuse treatment in West Virginia? There are many reasons, and not least of all because they think that the family has the maximum influence on a person who is undergoing addiction treatment.

Wisconsin Addiction Counseling Hotlines

Appleton – (920) 202-5615 Menomonee Falls – (262) 373-6016
Eau Claire – (715) 318-0023 Milwaukee – (414) 306-6351
Green Bay – (920) 264-0211 Milwaukee – (414) 375-2038
Green Bay – (920) 569-2611 Racine – (262) 672-6213
La Crosse – (608) 406-2616 Waukesha – (262) 347-3369
Madison – (608) 234-5003 Wausau – (715) 203-1329
Manitowoc – (920) 482-2915  

The following are the points why the family is involved:

  1. All programs for drug addiction treatment in Wisconsin treat the family as codependents. By codependents, they mean that the family is responsible in some way in keeping up the patient’s addiction. They do this inadvertently of course, but still training becomes important for families to know what they are doing and how they can avoid it.
  2. A drug addiction in Wisconsin affects directly at least four more people. The family may be financially, socially and emotionally affected. So they are patients too. The counseling therapy helps the families to learn how to cope with such situations.
  3. The families have a very important role to play when the person feels the possibility of an incoming relapse after the treatment. Families are trained on relapse prevention strategies to avoid this possibility.
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