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The addicts reading this right now are making the first step towards addiction recovery in Alabama. It is the first step in what will be a long journey, that at time will be difficult but will be more and more rewarding along the way. Whether you are seeking information for yourself or for a loved one, the important thing is that action is being taken. Addiction recovery never gets easier it only gets more difficult the longer it is put off.

As you develop a plan to deal with your addiction know that you are not alone. Drug treatment facilities in Alabama will be there to support your detox and recovery throughout your battle with drug abuse and alcoholism.

The first phase of drug abuse treatment is generally detox. Detox, conjuring up images of a long uncomfortable withdrawal, is often enough to discourage the addict from even attempting a drug treatment or alcohol treatment program. Drug treatment facilities in Alabama con provide the addict with assistance though. Many facilities offer drugs that can ease the difficulty of detox. No one can assure you that you will not suffer any discomfort during this phase of recovery, when the toxins and residue of drug abuse are leaving your body. The drugs available can ease the process to the point it is bearable.

This first phase, detox, often takes place in an in-patient drug treatment facility, especially if drugs are involved. As the addicts mind and body reach a level of clarity where they can participate in their own recovery, they will begin to join in various forms of counseling that will help assist them not only with their recovery but with preparation to rejoin the sober lifestyle.

The one on one counseling that an addict receives can be the most important tool in the beginning. As they learn more about addiction in general, and their own relationship with drug abuse, they also gain the comfort to involve themselves in the group counseling sessions that offer so many tools to the new addict.

The group counseling sessions can provide the new addict with the two sides of the coin that recovery presents to everyone. On the one side they will see that success is an achievable goal. With the stages of success manifested in front of them through the addicts peers. It also presents the reality of the pitfalls that will face the addict along their path to recovery. Learning about these dangers before having to face them allows the addict to talk though what choices they can make with people who have already faced those moments of difficulty.

As the addict gets comfortable managing their own drug treatment program they can transition to an out-patient drug treatment facility. These offer the same type of counseling services, though on a less frequent basis. The out-patient scenario also offers the addict an opportunity to develop other aspects of a healthy lifestyle out side of rehabilitation. The friends and lifestyle choices outside of sobriety will be the support system that keeps the recovering addict living a life free of drug use.

Alabama Addiction Support Hotlines

Athens – (256) 217-4276 Gadsen – (256) 399-0220
Auburn – (334) 246-5330 Huntsville – (256) 217-4779
Bessemer – (205) 417-2555 Jackson – (251) 589-7828
Birmingham – (205) 588-1625 Mobile – (251) 281-2090
Decatur – (256) 217-4788 Montgomery – (334) 649-3039
Florence – (256) 263-4262 Tuscaloosa – (205) 210-4979

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