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There is support for people who suffer from the effects of alcoholism and drug abuse in South Dakota. Regardless of whether you are an addict or someone you know is an addict, you’ve already taken the most important step towards recovery from an awful addiction – seeking help and information on South Dakota alcohol rehab clinics and South Dakota drug treatment facilities. Drug abuse and alcoholism can ruin lives, not only of addicts themselves but also of their loved ones. Addicts can expect impacts on their health, physically, emotionally and mentally, as well as negative impacts on their jobs, finances and relationships of all kinds.

South Dakota Addiction Hotlines

Rapid City – (605) 385-0105 Sioux Falls – (605) 370-5086

The statistics for alcohol abuse or dependency in South Dakota show that, in 2005, there were 59,000 people who faced alcoholism and 16,000 who were drug abusers. Studies also show that 55,000 individuals did not receive alcohol rehabilitation that needed it and 14,000 didn’t receive drug intervention though they required it.

For many addicts, an intervention is what they need to stop the life-ending effects that drugs and alcohol can have on their lives. Without alcohol intervention or drug rehabilitation, addicts will inevitably end up either in prison or dead. Finding a South Dakota alcohol rehab program or drug treatment facility is imperative to their lives, literally. Finding a South Dakota drug treatment center or alcohol rehab program is one of the first steps after admitting that you, or a family member, need help with an addiction.

Family members should understand that addiction destroys the person they knew and that this person is likely incapable of asking for help or seeking out assistance from a South Dakota drug treatment center or alcohol rehab program. It is difficult for addicts to admit they need help and rehabilitation, it is far easier to sink deeper into addiction.

get_help_nowThere is a desperate need for more South Dakota alcohol treatment facilities and drug rehab centers. Drug abuse and alcoholism is on the rise and everyone is affected. South Dakota communities see higher crime and violence rates and families see relationships destroyed, addicts find themselves dependent on drugs and alcohol more than ever, and with each passing day, the road to recovery for everyone involved gets longer, and more demanding. Addiction recovery is a lengthy process and is not always successful – the addiction treatments can take months with alcohol rehabilitation and drug treatment professionals and must include continuing support with outpatient counseling services and support from family and friends to have the highest likelihood of success.

South Dakota alcohol rehabilitation facilities and drug treatment centers are available for help with drug abuse and alcoholism. Some of the treatments that are offered at South Dakota treatment centers include detoxification, inpatient 30 day programs, long term inpatient programs (usually 60 days or more), outpatient counseling and aftercare and follow up programs to help the addict maintain their drug and alcohol free lives.

It’s never easy to intervene on someone else’s life, especially due to choices they may have made.

However you know that addiction treatment is necessary for your loved one, or even for yourself, and that with out the help from a drug rehab program or alcohol rehabilitation facility, you may never come out on the other side alive.

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