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Reading this page means that you have taken the all important first step in the process of alcohol or drug abuse recovery. Often, admitting that you or a loved one has a problem is as upsetting as the drug or alcohol addiction itself. Utah has resources in place in the form of alcohol and drug intervention and rehabilitation programs as well as drug and alcohol treatment facilities. These are in place and there to help you, your family member or friend.

Utah Addiction Support Hotlines

American Fork – (801) 438-4194 Ogden – (801) 528-6552
American Fork – (801) 704-5021 Pleasant Grove – (801) 701-2118
Cedar City – (435) 267-0130 Provo – (801) 850-9342
Lehi – (801) 528-6564 Saint George – (435) 267-0140
Logan – (435) 227-3306 Saint George – (435) 363-0326
Murry – (801) 285-9178 Salt Lake – (801) 438-4160
Ogden – (801) 528-1227 Springville – (801) 704-5012

If you, a member of your family or a friend suffer from alcoholism or drug addiction, you know well the depressing results of the addiction or abuse.

Dwindling finances, lost jobs, destroyed careers, failing health and broken relationships are the common results of drug and alcohol abuse, and in many cases lead to imprisonment and death. Alcoholism and drug abuse affect more than just our immediate circles of family and friends. Communities suffer as well with rising crime rates and acts of violence. As an alcohol or drug abuser progresses in their addiction, there is little they will not do to obtain their desires. These facts make it imperative that we get involved, helping ourselves as well as our chosen communities.

The need for more drug and alcohol treatment centers is evidenced by the number of people with drug or alcohol related problems. Statistics for 2005 show that Utah had an estimated 137,000 residents that were dependent on or abusing alcohol but also that there were an estimated 130,000 individuals who did not receive need alcohol rehab treatment.

get_help_nowFurther to this, there were an estimated 66,000 residents who were addicted to, or dependent on drugs, while 60,000 of those residents did not receive needed drug addiction rehabilitation or treatment. In spite of the well trained, dedicated and caring professionals that staff the drug and alcohol treatment facilities, the success rate for addiction recovery is low. Just one of the reasons for the low rate of success is that without solid support from family and friends, it is too easy for the abuser to fall into the numbing comfort of their alcoholism or drug addiction. Alcohol and drug addiction recovery takes a great deal of commitment on the part of everyone involved and in every part of the process.

The abuser of drugs or alcohol, especially in the later stages of their addiction, is unwilling or often not able to ask for help. This is when intervention is necessary and only happens as a result of someone caring enough to take that needed next step. Drug and alcohol intervention, rehabilitation programs, addiction recovery and drug and alcohol treatment centers all have a common goal.

The goal is to return the abuser or addict to his friends and family, addiction free and as a productive member of his or her community.

This is accomplished in Utah with detoxification, 30 day in patient programs, long term residential treatment of 60 days or more, out-patient counseling and follow up.


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