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Addiction recovery programs in the state of Nevada offer a source of hope for people who need help overcoming an alcohol or drug addiction problem. There are a wide variety of treatment centers operating throughout the state which offer resources and tools that can save peoples’ lives. Las Vegas is known throughout the world for its atmosphere focused on alcoholism, drug abuse, and gambling. Individuals who are suffering from substance abuse addictions throughout Nevada have the opportunity to turn their lives around through rehab facility programs. Treatment centers are available in locations throughout the state, including the major cities of Reno and Las Vegas.

Rehab Facilities in Nevada

Rehabilitation from drug abuse and alcoholism is not a quick fix. It is a long-term process that involves many steps and many avenues for recovery. However, there is always hope for a person to turn their life around by spending time in a rehab facility. Researching the treatment centers available in Nevada is an important part of the process. Different individuals have different needs when it comes to types of addiction recovery plans.

counselorChoosing the correct rehabilitation program could very well prevent future relapses. Options available to people in Nevada include residential treatment, outpatient care, support groups, cognitive therapy, behavioral therapy, drug testing, alcohol counseling, twelve-step programs, alternative medicines, detox centers, and many more.

Each of these options can provide different tools for the patients who choose them. There is a type of addiction recover treatment out there for everyone’s individual situation.

Recovering from Alcoholism and Drug Abuse

Many people think of withdrawal as recovery. However, there is much more to getting past a serious alcohol or drug addiction than withdrawal. This is where treatment centers can help. While many addicts believe they can quit using on their own any time they want to, this is rarely the case. Receiving professional help in a rehab facility increases one’s chances for recovery from alcoholism and drug abuse dramatically.

Nevada Addiction Support Hotlines

Carson City – (775) 473-9094 Las Vegas – (702) 666-8590
Elko – (775) 473-9873 Pahrump – (775) 473-9840
Fallon – (775) 473-9850 Reno – (775) 473-9853
Henderson – (702) 508-0062 Sparks – (775) 473-9831
Las Vegas – (702) 302-4127 Spring Creek – (775) 473-9878
Las Vegas – (702) 487-3192 Winnemucca – (775) 473-9889

Treatment centers provide patients with new resources and tools to overcome their addictions. This is a multi-faceted effort involving emotions and the mind, as well as the body and physical aspects of recovery. There really is no quick fix for overcoming a serious drug abuse or alcoholism problem. The process starts with detoxification, which has three steps: medical detox, physical detox, and emotional detox.

After the drugs and toxins are out of the patient’s body, they work to rebuild it through good nutrition. Then, an addiction recovery program begins to work with the patient’s emotional needs, such as building self-esteem.

Rehab facilities teach patients how to live their lives in a new way. When an addict goes home, he or she will need to know how to deal with cravings and what to do when a tempting situation arises. Running into someone from the past who used to be a drinking buddy can be a big problem for someone with alcoholism. An alcohol rehab program can offer tools for dealing with that.

Good rehabilitation centers also teach life skills such as how to get and keep a job. All of these elements are essential to a successful addiction recovery plan, and the best place to find them is in a rehab facility.

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