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Drug abuse and alcoholism pose a significant threat in Louisiana. This state has some unique issues to deal with in regards to addiction and substance abuse. One of these issues is the tourist industry there. Louisiana, and especially New Orleans, is somewhat known as a hotspot for drinking and partying. Many people travel to the state to gamble, as well. This has helped contribute to the rates of substance abuse there. Addiction treatment programs are offered throughout the state of Louisiana and should be taken advantage of by those who need them.

Drug Abuse in Louisiana

rehabBeing next to the Gulf of Mexico has made it easy for illegal drugs to enter Louisiana. The port is used to smuggle drugs in from Mexico and various Central American countries, including Colombia and the Carribbean. The interstates make it easy for these drugs to be transported throughout the state.

Cocaine, methamphetamine, and marijuana use are all rampant in Louisiana. There are also many reported instances of prescription drug abuse there, primarily Vicodin, Valium, OxyContin, and Soma. With so much drug trafficking in this state, it is essential for addicts to get the proper care that they need from a rehabilitation program.


Alcoholism in Louisiana

The National Survey on Drug Use and Health discovered almost have of the residents of the state had consumed alcohol in a thirty day period in 2003. This shows that alcoholism is also a big problem there. The fact that alcohol is a legal substance does not make recovering from an addiction to it any simpler. Addicts tend to believe that they are capable of curing themselves without outside help from detox and an alcohol treatment facility. However, this is usually not the case for alcoholics. Family and friends may need to plan an intervention to convince an individual to go into residential treatment.

Choosing Drug or Alcohol Rehab in Louisiana

Drug and alcohol treatment facilities are found throughout the state, including locations in New Orleans and Baton Rouge. There are many options to choose from, based on how severe an individual’s addiction is, which substances they’re addicted to, and other factors. Residential treatment is the best option for most people to achieve long-term success, but outpatient addiction treatment can be helpful in some situations.

Recovering from substance abuse is a long-term, and sometimes lifelong, process. The first step is detoxification, which removes most of the addictive substances from the patient’s body so that they’re no longer physically addicted. However, the process of rehabilitation is much more complicated that that. There are many psychological, emotional, lifestyle, and even spiritual issues that need to be address in a comprehensive addiction treatment program. By keeping all of these things in mind, the best rehab facility can be chosen for an individual’s needs.


One must remember that entering a treatment program is only the first step. Even after detox and addiction counseling, it is usually still a struggle to reintegrate into a normal daily life without substance abuse. The success of recover is depended upon the patient’s motivation to live a sober life after leaving the treatment program.

Louisiana Addiction Support Hotlines

Baton Rouge – (225) 302-8948 Monroe – (318) 737-1144
Benton – (318) 935-6161 New Iberia – (337) 376-0116
Haughton – (318) 390-4515 New Orleans – (504) 383-8909
Kenner – (504) 602-9686 Shreveport – (318) 219-5224
Lafayette – (337) 214-0093 Shreveport – (318) 703-2166
Lake Charles – (337) 214-0102 Slidell – (985) 718-1015
Livingston – (225) 302-8958

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