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The 2005 statistics on alcoholism and drug abuse are alarming – 227,000 people were addicted to alcohol and 86,000 were addicted to drugs. Of those, only 13,000 alcoholics and 6,000 drug abusers got the help they needed from an Oklahoma treatment center.

These statistics show that there is a desperate need for more Oklahoma addiction recovery centers. There are more scary statistics and you don’t need numbers to see the truth – with the elicit drug abuse and alcoholism throughout the state of Oklahoma, there is also a rise in crime, poverty, abuse and violence. Families broken, relationships destroyed, communities riddled with crime and children living below the poverty line are all symptoms of a growing addiction problem in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma Addiction Support Hotlines

Broken Arrow – (918) 948-9376 Oklahoma City – (405) 217-0714
Edmond – (405) 562-8696 Oklahoma City – (405) 253-5317
Eufaula – (918) 707-5665 Ponca City – (580) 352-3547
McAlester – (918) 302-9514 Tahlequah – (918) 708-1811
Norman – (405) 217-0670 Tulsa – (918) 948-9378

There is help from Oklahoma drug treatment centers and alcohol rehab facilities. These Oklahoma addiction recovery facilities are there to help addicts, their friends and families, as well as the communities, fix the addiction problem and begin working towards a better society. Addicts definitely have a hard time ahead of them with detoxification and addiction recovery; however it is not only the addicts who are so deeply affected by alcoholism and drug abuse.

Families, friends and communities are also affected and go through a difficult time as well as the addict goes through addiction treatment.

our-programOne of the key elements to any Oklahoma drug rehab program or alcohol treatment center is the follow up and support that an addict receives after they’ve completed the initial detox and addiction treatment.

Out patient counseling services, support groups, after care and follow up programs are vital to the success of addiction recovery in Oklahoma. The initial Oklahoma addiction treatment will include detoxification, and there are a number of different ways this is done.

Some Oklahoma treatment facilities offer drug free rehabilitation while others use medications to replace drugs and alcohol to lessen the physical aspects of the detoxification. However, regardless of whether the Oklahoma addiction treatment is drug free or not, one of the most important factors is the teaching of skills and the learning of tools to cope with life after detox.

Addicts can easily fall back into the same traps of alcoholism and drug abuse if they aren’t given the information and tools on how to survive life and stress without reverting to their addiction.

get_help_nowYou aren’t alone with your addiction and Oklahoma addiction treatments are available from a variety of Oklahoma drug rehab programs and Oklahoma alcohol rehabilitation facilities. The help is just a mere phone call away – whether you are an addict or you are trying to find intervention help for a friend or family member.

You’ve already taken the most important step towards addiction recovery – admitting that you (or your loved one) have a problem and beginning to seek out information on Oklahoma addiction recovery treatment facilities that can help you with your addiction treatment.

The skills and tools you need to beat your addiction and live a happy, drug and alcohol free life are available at an Oklahoma drug rehab program or alcohol treatment center near you. Pick up the phone and make the call that will put you on the path to addiction recovery 1-800-559-9503.

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