Addiction Help Hotlines in Colorado

You may not know it, but the helpline numbers for substance abuse in Colorado can actually provide you with a lot of assistance.

Most people use these helpline numbers only to find out locations of drug and alcohol abuse treatment centers in Colorado, but you can certainly find out a lot more than that. Here are some of the things that you can know.

The helpline numbers for substance abuse in Colorado will be too happy to tell you if you have an addiction problem or not. Most people are not able to differentiate between abuse and addiction. This is where the helpline numbers can come in handy. They will train you on recognizing the symptoms are seeking proper remedial measures.

Colorado Addiction Help Hotlines

Aurora – (720) 862-3535 Fort Collins – (970) 315-0226
Brighton – (720) 263-5688 Greeley – (970) 460-3036
Colorado Springs – (719) 694-2626 Loveland – (970) 323-4339
Denver – (720) 239-1171 Lyons – (720) 310-2023
Denver – (720) 306-8225 Pueblo – (719) 694-2623
Englewood – (720) 239-1182 Windsor – (970) 315-0224

These numbers can help you in getting an intervention program for your alcohol and drug abuse treatment. The intervention program will be with you and guide you through the entire process. Once you get an intervention program that you can rely upon, you will not need the helpline number much.

Of course, the helpline number will tell you where you can find a drug or alcohol treatment program in Colorado that is convenient to you. They will tell you of the locations of these programs and the manner in which they work. This will help you in making your decision. They will also tell you what kind of program would be suitable for you.

Even after your treatment, the helpline numbers for substance abuse in Colorado will guide you through specific problems such as avoiding risk factors for re-addiction, preventing the chances of a relapse, etc.

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