Meth Abuse and Addiction in Alabama

Methamphetamine abuse has increased enormously in the state of Alabama in the last few years. Over the last century, this substance has been promoted from being a yuppie new entrant in the market of substance abuse in Alabama to being the number one addiction within the state.

In the last two years, the amount of people abusing methamphetamine in Alabama has clearly outnumbered the number of people abusing other drugs such as cocaine, heroine and marijuana.

In addition, the presence of crystal meth in various circuits of the state has made the problem more complex.

The bigger problem with methamphetamine and crystal meth is that these drugs target the younger people of the state. Most of the users of crystal meth in Alabama are people between 18 and 25 years of age. These people have a four times higher propensity of becoming methamphetamine addicts than older people have.

Alabama Meth Abuse Hotlines

Athens – (256) 217-4276 Gadsen – (256) 399-0220
Auburn – (334) 246-5330 Huntsville – (256) 217-4779
Bessemer – (205) 417-2555 Jackson – (251) 589-7828
Birmingham – (205) 588-1625 Mobile – (251) 281-2090
Decatur – (256) 217-4788 Montgomery – (334) 649-3039
Florence – (256) 263-4262 Tuscaloosa – (205) 210-4979

Also, if a person gets into a methamphetamine habit sooner in life, it is more difficult to get it treated effectively because then the withdrawal symptoms become very difficult to get by.

The youth are more under the threat of meth addiction in Alabama because this is where the several clandestinely operating meth labs within the state distribute their produces. Each meth lab can produce as much as ten points of meth or crystal meth in a day and this is distributed in the nightclubs and the rave parties of the state. It is really no wonder that the number of meth rehab center in the state have more than doubled in the last five years. These rehab centers are equipped in answering the specific problems with meth addiction treatment, including the very nasty withdrawal symptoms.

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