Aspects of Addiction Treatment in Vermont

The addiction treatment program in Vermont is quite elaborately planned and implemented. This program has three main aspects, all of which are aimed at eradicating the problem from the state. These three aspects are prevention, intervention and treatment. 

The following is a brief summary of how these three aspects of the program work.

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Prevention implies to the various methods that are used by the treatment program to stop people from getting into drug and alcohol abuse in Vermont in the first place. If a person gets into an abuse, it may slowly become an addiction and that is why it needs to be nipped in the bud. By means of campaigning on a statewide basis through schools and colleges, the prevention program tries to catch people early on and educate them about the dangers of addiction. There are counseling cells even in workplaces that educate and counsel people on addiction issues.


The intervention program in Vermont is designed at getting people into treatment by helping them overcome their denial process, suggesting the right kind of treatment method for them and then helping them after the treatment to continue with sober living.


Interventions mainly help people, especially families, which are trying to get their members into modes of treatment.


There are various outpatient, inpatient and residential treatment programs in Vermont that help to treat a person’s addiction problem according to needs. The inpatient programs and the residential programs begin with a detoxification process and then have an elaborate aftercare program that trains the person to adjust back into society. The outpatient program is more about education and counseling.

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