Do I Have A Drug Abuse Problem?

For people that like to do drugs or “party,” no one likes to think they have a problem. But how can you decide if you have a problem with drug abuse?

Sometimes simply when you start to worry if your drug use is out of control is a strong sign that you have a problem with drug abuse.

Many people with drug abuse problems are very secretive about their use of drugs.

It is important that you be honest with yourself to help understand how to best help yourself. The only person that can help answer these self-reflective questions best is you.

You are going to be your best source of information. Another great idea is to ask a close friend or family member for their opinion to see their reaction to these thoughts.

  1. Do you use drugs on a regular basis? Do you use drugs to get high?
  2. Do you find yourself lying about your drug use?
  3. Do you avoid people, places or other activities so you can use drugs?
  4. Do you have physical or other negative feelings because of your drug use?
  5. Do you use drugs by yourself?

These are just some beginning questions to get you started on your thinking about your drug use, to help you decide if you have a problem with drug addiction. Drug use is very concerning. Drugs can kill you – there is no two ways about it. You deserve to lead a happy and healthy life. When drugs start to become your only thought twenty-four/seven then you know that you truly are run by your drug abuse.

Fortunately there is a way out. Through counseling and drug treatment centers you can find healing and sobriety. This will help change your life. Stopping to use drugs will truly change your life around. Many people find that by going to a drug treatment center it can literally change their life. Don’t let drug abuse run your life – you deserve to be in charge of your life!

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