Family Drug Abuse Interventions

Someone close to you, either a family member or a friend, is slipping away into the deep abyss of drug addiction. What do you do? Do you just sit back and express your reticence and indignation over the whole affair? With the large number of drug addicts out there, it is highly possible that someone close to you has the habit, or may develop the habit soon. But, you are definitely not going to sit and watch. The best thing you can do is to step in and intervene. The right kind of drug intervention may very well pull an addict out of a looming death.

What do you do when you intervene? In a professional drug intervention, that is, an intervention carried out under the guidance of professional interventionists, the group of people whom the patient is close to will be counseled about the addiction. The focus will be on explaining the health aspects of the addiction and divulging information on what the close relatives and friends of the patient can do to help.

Generally, these people will be coached on what to say to the patient, either individually or as a group, so that the patient voluntarily comes forward to seek treatment in a drug rehab. The main themes the people will speak about will be how the drug addiction to the patient affects them, how it is leading to social problems and how it will interfere with the progress of the family and children, if any. The aim is to create a sense of responsibility in the patient, which will definitely be very important in making the person come forward for treatment.

Without substantial intervention, most drug abusers will not want to think something is wrong with them and will just waste away. Undoubtedly, the right kind of intervention can save a life.

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