Drug Addiction Rehabilitation in Louisiana

In 2004, the Treatment Episode Data Set estimated that out of the 4,495,706 Louisianans at that time, there were at least 28,433 who needed various kinds of treatments for their alcohol and drug addiction needs. However, there was a marked difference from similar data that was obtained from the other states of America. While the other states had a preponderance of people into alcohol addiction, in Louisiana the number of people checking into drug rehab was more than that of alcohol rehab.

Even in that, there were a large number of people with cocaine addiction in Louisiana, followed by those with marijuana addiction. This was definitely contradictory to the trend obtained in other states.

Louisiana Drug Addiction Hotlines

Baton Rouge – (225) 302-8948 Monroe – (318) 737-1144
Benton – (318) 935-6161 New Iberia – (337) 376-0116
Haughton – (318) 390-4515 New Orleans – (504) 383-8909
Kenner – (504) 602-9686 Shreveport – (318) 219-5224
Lafayette – (337) 214-0093 Shreveport – (318) 703-2166
Lake Charles – (337) 214-0102 Slidell – (985) 718-1015
Livingston – (225) 302-8958  

Today, the situation remains almost the same. But, thankfully, there are several alcohol and drug rehab centers in Louisiana that are looking into the issue. These are both medical as well as nonmedical programs.

The medical programs depend on detox and clinical methods like providing a battery of medicines to make the person curb the withdrawal symptoms that may occur. The nonmedical programs rely on several kinds of counseling programs including the famous cognitive behavioral therapy that is used for the treatment of drug abuse and drug addiction.

Baton Rouge and New Orleans are the two prominent cities for drug rehab in Louisiana. However, you will also find options for drug rehab in Louisiana in the cities of Bastrop, Bossier City, Houma, Kinder, Lafayette, Leesville, Mandeville, Metairie, Pineville and Shreveport. Information on drug rehabilitation in Louisiana can be easily found over the Internet. The websites also have toll-free numbers where you can call and ask for information.

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