Alcohol Abuse Help for Teens in Pennsylvania

Like several other states of America, Pennsylvania also suffers from a teenage drinking problem. There are contradictory statistics from every source, but it cannot be denied that alcohol abuse and alcohol addiction in Pennsylvania is consuming a younger population with every passing year.

Currently, you can even find children as young as 11 years undergoing alcohol rehab in Pennsylvania. With the situation so drastic, it is important to understand where to get help.

Remember that most alcohol abuse and alcohol addiction in young adults and children begins at the place where they study.

Pennsylvania Teen Alcoholism Hotlines

Allentown – (484) 846-6263 Landsale – (267) 415-1524
Bristol – (267) 415-1112 Mechanicsburg – (717) 798-9698
Carlisle – (717) 798-9647 Philadelphia – (267) 244-9226
Doylestown – (267) 337-6914 Wilkes Barre – (570) 213-7941
Gibsonia – (724) 400-4274 Williamsport – (570) 213-7942
Gibsonia – (724) 498-0421 York – (717) 779-1377
Lancaster – (717) 798-9650  

As a parent you can read the signs of alcoholism in your child’s behavior such as red eyes and face, a flushed look, disinterest in activities that amused the child earlier, staying out at odd hours, etc. You can read some articles from substance abuse resources to find out how to read the signs of alcohol abuse and alcohol addiction in children.

When you suspect such a problem, you can schedule a meeting with the substance abuse counselor in the place where the child studies. These counselors may not be available round the clock, but when you get into a meeting with them, discuss the problem and ask them for solutions. You can also call the helpline for substance abuse in Pennsylvania to find out.

In most cases, the alcohol treatment programs in Pennsylvania that focus on counseling are good enough for children to come out of their addiction. But in drastic cases, the child will have to undergo an alcohol detox program followed by intensive counseling.

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