Alcohol Addiction Treatment for Seniors in Missouri

One of the commendable points of the alcohol addiction treatment program in Missouri is that it has separate programs for tackling the addiction in young persons and in seniors.

In fact, people of the older age group in Missouri are urged not to take admissions in general treatment centers because of several reasons.

Missouri Alcohol Addiction Hotlines

Ballwin – (636) 238-3072 Mexico – (573) 303-5857
Blue Springs – (816) 396-8733 O Fallon – (636) 238-3492
Columbia – (573) 303-5851 Saint Peters – (636) 486-0854
Joplin – (417) 429-4943 Sainte Genevieve – (573) 303-5876
Kansas City – (816) 396-8714 St. Louis – (314) 549-5171
Liberty – (816) 396-0256 St. Louis – (314) 714-6374

Here are some of the ways in which alcohol addiction treatment for seniors is different from the general addiction treatment in Missouri.

  1. Seniors have a host of problems in connection with the alcoholism problem. These may not be directly pertaining to the alcoholism, but may be pertinent all the same. One example is family issues. Alienation from family members can cause an alcohol addiction. The alcohol addiction treatment program in Missouri for seniors help them to overcome such emotional issues which can lead to much better treatment.
  2. Seniors may have health conditions that may come in the way of normal treatment procedures such as detox. At the same time, detox becomes mandatory for all seniors because of the possible duration of their addiction. Such issues need to be tackled delicately, which is not possible in a general treatment center.
  3. Seniors may also have problems of supplementary addictions. They may be on a prescription drug abuse because of the simple reason that these drugs are more easily available to them through medical prescriptions than to the general people.
  4. Seniors may also not be as forthcoming to the counseling and aftercare treatment because age may make them careless about the treatment. Such issues need to be addressed individually.
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