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No addict starts out there drug abuse with the intention that it will take over there life, but it does. At the point addicts find they are no longer in control of their life they must seek assistance with addiction recovery. The slippery slope of addiction was easy to slide down the road back up that hill can be long and difficult. Drug treatment centers in Arizona can provide the assistance to not only get addicts up that hill but also back over the hump where they will not be tempted to backslide into drug abuse once again.

Having taken the first step of seeking treatment to assist in addition recovery, the addict now faces the first real phase of recovery, detox. Detox, which brings to mind images of a long and painful withdrawal is enough to scare most addicts away from even beginning the recovery process. Drug treatment programs in Arizona can tell you that there wont be any withdrawal or the associated discomfort. They can however use drugs that are available to help ease the length of time and the discomfort associated with detox and withdrawal.

AftercareOften times this first step takes place at an in-patient treatment facility. As the drugs loosen their grip on the addict and the addicts mind, they can begin to involve themselves in different types of counseling offered as a part of the drug treatment or alcohol treatment programs. The group therapy that is offered will provide the addict with experienced guides, the addicts peers in recovery, for the trail to addiction recovery. In the group sessions the addict will learn that recovery really is possible, seeing the success story at different stages with their own eyes. This view of the trail they are trying to navigate will also let them see the pitfalls and choices they may be faced with long before those difficult moments actually present themselves. Armed with this preparation the addict is more likely to make choices that will keep them from turning back to drugs.

The counseling process also involves sessions with a professional counselor. These one on one session offer the addict a chance to experience the release that can be offered by discussing ones problems and feeling. It also lets them acclimate themselves to the counseling process before taking that leap in front of the whole group.

Once an addict begins to manage their own day to day addiction recovery, they can transfer to an out-patient drug treatment facility. The treatment programs offers in these facilities is similar to what they experienced in the in-patient setting. It does however afford the addict the time to begin to acclimate themselves to a sober lifestyle. Building a support system to help them maintain their addiction recovery for the rest of their lives.

As the addict begins to feel that they no longer have a need for regular counseling they can transition to aftercare treatment programs. This provides them with resources to help maintain their lifestyle of addiction recovery as they feel they need to access those resources.

Arizona Addiction Support Hotlines

Flagstaff – (928) 237-4448 Scottsdale – (480) 478-0747
Flagstaff – (928) 637-6352 Tempe – (480) 478-0618
Morristown – (623) 806-8786 Tucson – (520) 858-0244
Peoria – (623) 806-8789 Tucson – (520) 979-3403
Phoenix – (480) 478-0599 Tuscon – (520) 979-3447
Phoenix – (623) 565-8966 Yuma – (928) 247-6141
Phoenix – (623) 806-8797


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