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The statistics for West Virginia addictions are alarming. 108,000 citizens who had a dependency on alcohol and 45,000 citizens with a drug problem. Of these people, 102,000 alcoholics and 40,000 drug addicts did not get the help they needed from a West Virginia drug treatment center or alcohol rehab program. The number of addicts is on the rise and with it, acts of violence, crime and abuse as well as the number of people who live below the poverty line is also rising. Families are being torn apart, marriages ruined, children living in poverty and communities seeing a downslide in their society, all because of the addiction problems throughout West Virginia.

West Virginia Addiction Support Hotlines

Alum Creek – (304) 915-0148 Saint Albans – (304) 721-2107
Alum Creek – (304) 945-0238 Saint Albans – (304) 945-0231
Charleston – (304) 982-7023

There is help that is available for people who live in West Virginia with drug treatment centers and alcohol rehabilitation programs. There are a variety of inpatient programs, out patient programs, short and long term residential facilities as well as support and after care help for addicts who’ve returned to society.

Of course, removing the toxins from an addicts system is one important aspect of detox, however there is much more to it “kicking the habit”.

The addict requires tools and skills that will help him or her deal with stress and daily life without reverting to their addiction. Counseling and support after the rehab program is also essential and it needs to come from every angle – friends, family, and the community.

counselorSome of the drug and alcohol treatment programs available in West Virginia replace the addiction with other medication, while other addiction recovery facilities offer a drug-free alternative. It’s best that you do some research on the West Virginia treatment programs to figure out which one and which type is best for you or your loved one.

Addiction recovery and treatment isn’t done in a short period of time, in fact, it is never done. Addiction recovery is a life long process. There will always be times and situations for a recovering addict that could easily pull them back towards their addiction.Without a steady support system, addicts can easily find their way back to their old ways of numbing their stress and pain with drugs and alcohol.

West Virginia treatment facilities are here to help with interventions for drug abuse and alcoholism. Many addicts are far beyond the point where they can ask for help let alone seek it out themselves. Interventions from friends and family members are important – it shows love and support for your loved one. Yes, intervening in someone personal life can be a daunting thing to do and it can be a hard process. Your family member or loved one may say things that they don’t really mean and sometimes the process can hurt, but it is essential to get the loved one you know is in there, back again.

There is no shame in asking for help, regardless of whether you are an addict or you know someone who is.

Addiction treatment is available throughout West Virginia – just call and seek the information on getting the help that you, or your loved one, need.

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