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The damage caused by un-treated alcoholism or drug addiction is well documented. Relationships, careers, finances and health, all suffer or are destroyed by the drug user or alcoholic’s choices. An obvious first step is in admitting that you or your loved one has a problem. Many abusers of either drugs or alcohol in the later stages of their addiction are not able to realize they need the required help, or are unable to ask. Drug or alcohol intervention is then necessary and is in most cases the first step in the recovery process.

Wyoming Addiction Hotlines

Cheyenne – (307) 222-0116 Pinedale – (307) 222-0334
Jackson – (307) 222-0333

Drug abuse and alcoholism affect more than just the abuser or addict. Family members and friends, co-workers and the very fabric of society suffer from the results of alcoholism and illicit drug use.

One of the most important things to learn is that you are not alone.

Wyoming has a number of programs and facilities in place to provide care and counseling for the addict/alcoholic and their family and friends. Wyoming drug and alcohol intervention, addiction recovery, drug or alcohol rehab and treatment centers are a few of the resources available throughout the state.

get_help_nowAlong with drug and alcohol intervention and rehabilitation programs, treatment centers in Wyoming offer detoxification, 30 day in patient treatment, long term resident care (60 days or more, out-patient counseling and follow up. The drug and treatment centers in Wyoming have a common goal of returning the drug addict or alcoholic to a useful and fulfilling place in society enjoying an addiction free life. The improvement in quality of life for the addict or abuser and their families and friends is more than worth the effort involved.

While there are many dedicated, hard working and caring professionals staffing rehabilitation and drug and alcohol treatment centers, the success rate is low. Without solid support, it is too easy for abuser of drugs or alcohol to fall back into the comfort of their particular addiction. With continued support by family and friends, there is a higher rate of success for alcohol and drug addiction recovery.

Often, many people are not aware of the resources that are available and are too embarrassed or frightened to ask for help. You are not alone.

The statistics show that there is a need for even more drug and alcohol treatment centers, rehab programs and facilities. In 2005, Wyoming had an estimated 40,000 residents dependent on or abusing alcohol. A further estimated 12,000 residents were abusing, dependant or addicted to drugs. These same statistics show that an estimated 38,000 did not receive required alcohol rehab treatment and that an estimated 11,000 did not receive required drug addiction treatment. The serious side of these numbers is that they are growing and not enough people are being helped. Our communities are affected by those rising numbers of alcohol and drug abusers with an equal rise in crime rates and violence. More public awareness and more treatment facilities will benefit our communities and the alcohol or drug abuser as well as their family and friends.

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