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Unfortunately, alcoholism and drug abuse are a rampant problem in the state of Michigan. Because of its location, Michigan is a prime spot for drug cartels to ship to. This allows marijuana, heroin, meth, and cocaine to enter the state in large quantities. Prescription drug abuse is a big problem for teenagers in this state. Alcoholism is also a significant issue. The National Survey on Drug Use and Health discovered that 701,000 citizens of Michigan were alcoholics in 2002-03. The good news is that there is help for these people through a number of rehab facilities.

Getting Help from a Facility

The vast majority of drug abusers and alcoholics believe that they don’t need help from outside resources to overcome their addiction. However, this is rarely true. Experts know that rehab facilities are the best option available for treating drug addiction and alcoholism, and there are numerous scientific studies to back this up. An addict may be able to quit on their own temporarily, but the odds of relapse soon after are very, very high.

what-relapse-prevention-activitiesAddiction recovery is a complicated and multi-faceted process. Factors other than an individual’s motivation come into play regarding the need to seek help from an addiction treatment program.

Long-term alcoholism and drug abuse actually changes the way an addict’s brain works. These effects remain for a long time after the person has stopped using. A professional rehab center has the resources available to help people deal with all aspects of addiction.

Choosing Drug or Alcohol Rehabilitation in Michigan

There are a wide variety of addiction recovery programs available in the state of Michigan. Finding the correct treatment program for an individual’s needs is very important for their ability to recover. An evaluation should be made to determine what type of rehab facility would be best suited for the person.

The difference between residential and outpatient treatment programs is one of the first factors to consider. Most people who suffer from alcoholism and drug abuse want to seek the easiest and fasted drug or alcohol rehabilitation available. However, many people need more intense help. Residential treatment is the best option, according to experts. Anyone who has suffered from addiction long-term or relapsed after a period of sobriety in the past should seek inpatient care. Outpatient treatment at a rehab facility may be the best option only for someone with a very recent history of drug abuse.

counselorVarious options for methods of addiction recovery treatment are also offered in Michigan. Some of them include treatment centers in hospitals, addiction crisis centers, intervention help, detox programs, alternative medicines, behavior therapy, support groups, community-based programs, and many more. Most treatment facilities offer a number of services at one location.

This is ideal because an addict may need to take advantage of multiple types of addiction treatments on his or her path to recovery. Discovering the options available in a certain part of Michigan and making an informed decision will ensure the best chances of not relapsing.

Michigan Addiction Support Hotlines

adrian – (517) 759-1686 Mount Clemens – (586) 276-7452
Ann Arbor – (734) 619-6682 Roseville – (586) 439-0608
Belleville – (734) 619-6688 Saginaw – (989) 607-5595
Detroit – (313) 887-0305 Traverse City – (231) 225-9273
Grand Rapids – (616) 328-6370 Vassar – (989) 262-4437
Holland – (616) 499-7106 Warren – (586) 276-7441
Howell – (517) 618-9447 Wyandotte – (734) 619-6685
Kalamazoo – (269) 200-4743

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