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Help is available for alcoholism and drug abuse in New York with a variety of New York treatment centers that specialize in detoxification. If you are looking for information on New York treatment centers for alcohol rehabilitation and drug rehab, you’ve already taken an important first step in the detox process – admitting that you need help.

get_help_nowThere is a wide variety of New York treatment centers that you can choose from, all with different methods of treatment. Some addiction treatment programs replace the problem drug with other medications and then slowly wean you off of those while other drug rehab and alcohol treatment facilities use drug free alternatives such as short and long term residential programs, in patient programs and outpatient counseling.

Regardless of the type of New York drug rehab or alcohol treatment that you choose, you should know that one of the most important factors of addiction recovery is the after care and follow up, as well as outpatient counseling. These programs will help you learn to lead a drug and alcohol free life by having the support that you need while going thought addiction recovery.

Alcoholism and drug abuse affects everyone that is around the addict

Family, friends and communities. Alcoholism and drug abuse is on the rise in New York and with this, poverty, crime, abuse and violence are also increasing throughout the state. The rise in addictions is directly related to the fall of communities that drug abusers and alcoholics live in, and with more New York treatment centers being used and a desperate need for more New York alcohol rehab and drug treatment facilities, these issues could begin to decline throughout New York.

In 2005, New York had 1,103,000 people who had an alcohol abuse or dependency problem and 485,000 people who were drug abusers. Of those, 1,043,000 alcoholics in New York did not receive the intervention they needed and 424,000 drug abusers didn’t receive the drug rehab they needed. Those numbers are alarming – leaving nearly 1.5 million addicts stranded without intervention or addiction treatment in the state of New York is not an answer.

The answer is getting into an addiction recovery program that works and learning how to live life without these crutches.

New York treatment programs are available to help addicts learn how to cope with daily life and stress that before lead them to drink or do drugs. Addicts need intervention – they need to detox and get the drugs and alcohol out of their systems. More than that, they need to learn the tools and skills to deal with stress and life in general and not fall back into the easy trap of alcoholism and drug abuse. Instead, they need support and help from family, friends, their communities and New York addiction treatment centers and facilities.

Detoxification is a long process for many alcoholics and drug users – it takes time, patience and caring and a professional knowledge that you can find at New York treatment centers for drug rehab and alcohol treatment. There is no shame in asking for help.

New York Addiction Support

Astoria – (718) 717-8326 New York – (646) 755-3722
Babylon – (631) 676-1620 New York – (917) 832-1543
Bronx – (718) 717-8334 Newburgh – (845) 247-5704
Brooklyn – (718) 717-8323 Queens – (347) 695-4500
Buffalo – (716) 335-9625 Rochester – (585) 502-1483
Endicott – (607) 216-9615 Rome – (315) 371-4777
Far Rockaway – (718) 701-5945 Sag Harbor – (631) 350-7108
Floral Park – (516) 784-5218 Smithtown – (631) 223-7651
Flushing – (718) 717-8330 South Richmond – (718) 717-8325
Freeport – (516) 252-1762 Spring Valley – (845) 233-2439
Garden City – (516) 252-1229 Staten Island – (718) 717-8332
Ithaca – (607) 216-9627 Troy – (518) 203-2588
Le Roy – (585) 502-1457 West Seneca – (716) 312-1697
New York – (646) 755-3646 Yonkers – (914) 259-8464

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