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Road To Recovery

There are addiction treatment centers throughout the state of Maryland that make help available to alcoholics and drug addicts. A rehab program can be found to suit any individual’s needs for their specific situation. Because different treatment centers vary in exactly what type of help they provide, it is important to do some research.

Types of Treatment Centers

Addiction treatment programs in Maryland may be offered by the government, non-profit agencies, or private for-profit organizations. The last option is much more expensive that the other two, but the accommodations are usually superior. Rehab facilities are usually either located in a hospital or a free-standing building. There are crisis intervention clinics, outpatient counseling programs, and residential treatment facilities in Maryland.

Choosing the Correct Rehab Facility in Maryland

AftercareThe length of treatment is one variable that should be carefully considered when choosing an addiction treatment program. Short-term programs can be as short as 28 days, while long-term ones can last months or even more.

The exact length may not be able to be determined until the addict is already receiving treatment because there is no way to tell ahead of time how well he or she will respond to it. In general, the more severe the addiction and the longer it has been going on, the longer the drug and alcohol rehab will need to last.

Another important factor is whether the rehab facility offers inpatient or outpatient care. While most addicts prefer to receive outpatient care so that they can continue to live at home, it is usually not the most effective method. Being immersed in a treatment program with constant monitoring and care at a residential facility works best for most people. This is especially true if the patient has been through an addiction program in the past that was not successful.

Also, find out exactly what the addiction treatment programs specialize in. Some of them only treat drug abuse or specific types of drug abuse, some are only for alcoholics, and others work with dual diagnosis. Different rehab facilities also use different methods to help addicts recover. This might include psychological counseling, drug and alcohol detox, alternative medications, support groups, spiritual counseling, and much more. Looking at what type of aftercare is offered by the rehab facility is also important. Will the addict receive continuing support? Choose one treatment program that is in line with the individual’s specific needs.

Drug Abuse and Alcoholism in Maryland

Unfortunately, heroine is a favorite drug among addicts in Maryland. Other commonly abused ones are marijuana, prescription medications, meth, club drugs, and cocaine. One thing that exacerbates the drug abuse problem here is the growing number of producers within the state. It does appear the incidence of alcoholism is declining in Maryland. Studies have shown that the rate of drinking among teenagers in the state has declined dramatically. The state government has been proactive in recent years regarding issues of alcoholism and drug abuse. They are working to increase preventive measures and the amount of help available within the state.

Maryland Addiction Support Hotlines

Annapolis – (443) 569-6126 Gaithersburg – (240) 449-3880
Baltimore – (410) 777-8131 Prince Frederick – (443) 219-0615
Baltimore – (443) 743-3361 Silver Springs – (240) 449-3897
Berwyn – (240) 790-7121 Sykesville – (443) 219-0612
Bethesda – (240) 206-6285 Waterloo – (443) 899-9332
Capitol Heights – (240) 681-1121 Westminister – (443) 569-7402
Elkton – (443) 219-0618

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