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Rehab facilities are an important part of an individual’s ability to overcome drug abuse and alcoholism. Although the addict may believe that they can get clean and stay sober on their own, this is usually not the case. They are only convinced of this fact because overuse of alcohol and drugs damages the way an addict’s brain works. In these instances, a drug intervention or alcohol intervention may be necessary in order to convince the addict to seek help from a treatment center.

Fortunately, there are many types of treatment programs available in the state of Missouri to aid in recovery. The larger cities, such as St. Louis and its surrounding areas, Kansas City, Columbia, and Springfield offer the most options for addiction recovery. However, treatment programs are offered in the more rural areas of Missouri, as well.

Drug Abuse in Missouri

AftercareDrug trafficking is surprising rampant in the state of Missouri. Mexican trafficking organizations are primarily responsible for distributing illegal drugs throughout the state. The most common drugs in Missouri are marijuana, meth, cocaine, and heroin.

In addition, like many Midwest states Missouri is littered with meth labs. These issues have contributed to a high violent crime rate and make it even more important for individuals suffering from alcoholism and drug abuse to seek treatment at a rehab facility.

A large number of people in Missouri are affected by alcoholism also. There are a variety of rehab facilities in the state that provide services for this addiction. However, alcohol  does not pose nearly as much of a threat to the people of this state as drugs do, statistically speaking.

Addiction Treatment Programs in Missouri

The specific type of help that should be sought for addiction recovery depends on the individual addict’s situation. Residential treatment facilities are the best choice for people who have suffered from alcoholism or drug abuse over a period of years and have been unsuccessful in previous attempts to quit. Experts agree that short-term and outpatient addiction recovery programs generally are not as effective for these types of people. However, individuals who have only been involved with drugs or alcohol for a short period of time and have motivation to recover may benefit from the less intensive treatment programs.

counselorBesides offering different lengths and intensities of treatment programs, the rehab facilities in this state can provide a variety of modalities as well. For example, the twelve-step program and the Sober Living Program are popular options that may be used in conjunction with a residential treatment program or on their own. There are also behavioral therapy, cognitive therapy, support groups, hospital treatment programs, detox centers, community-based options, crisis treatment centers, drug intervention, alcohol intervention, alcohol testing, and more.

Comprehensive rehab facility programs usually include three steps. These are medical detox, physical detox, and emotional detox. After going to a residential treatment center, it is important to continue working with some form of support, such as a counselor. These steps will provide the best chance of recovery without relapse.

Missouri Addiction Support Hotlines

Ballwin – (636) 238-3072 Mexico – (573) 303-5857
Blue Springs – (816) 396-8733 O Fallon – (636) 238-3492
Columbia – (573) 303-5851 Saint Peters – (636) 486-0854
Joplin – (417) 429-4943 Sainte Genevieve – (573) 303-5876
Kansas City – (816) 396-8714 St. Louis – (314) 549-5171
Liberty – (816) 396-0256 St. Louis – (314) 714-6374

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