Behavioral Therapy and Outpatient Treatment in Georgia

Behavioral treatment methods are judiciously combined with the pharmacological addiction treatment in Georgia to come up with the most effective solutions. This kind of treatment becomes very important in two kinds of settings. The outpatient treatment program in Georgia relies almost completely on behavioral treatment. But this kind of treatment is also used quite prominently in residential treatment settings. The behavioral treatment is almost a mainstay after any drug detox in Georgia.

There are many forms of behavioral therapies for drug addiction in Georgia. Two of the most prominent ones are described below:

Georgia Outpatient Treatment

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy uses a method of emotional treatment. The main focus of this treatment is to make the patient change his or her way of thinking and concentrate on ambitions and aspirations that the person has from life.


People are made to think about the future and in order to make that future goal a success.

Patients are taught how they can improve their present, which includes coming out of their addiction. People are taught how to cope with the stresses in their life that may be causing them the addiction.

Contingency Management Therapy

This behavioral therapy is quite prominently used in the residential treatment centers in Georgia. Here, the patients are given points on basis of their progress in addiction recovery. Each time they have a negative addiction test, they are given points, which they can later cash in for some kind of prize.

Behavioral therapies for substance abuse treatment in Georgia are not independent methods of treatment; they are always used in conjunction with medicinal methods to become effective.

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