Coordinated Care Plans-Helping Addicts in Wisconsin

Wisconsin has identified one of the strongest points that can make an alcohol or drug addiction treatment program more workable and effective for patients.

This treatment program, simply called as the coordinated care plan, is already being implemented by various centers for alcohol and drug rehab in Wisconsin. This is how the program works.

The coordinated care plan induces a family or a social group to work “with” the addict in coming out of the addiction problem. This is definitely a great diversion from the way these programs were working until late. Most drug and alcohol rehabs until now would want to shunt out family and other associated people from the patient’s vicinity until recovery was achieved. This would bring in a sense of isolation into the patient and would actually hamper treatment. But now, with this kind of approach, the family and social groups would actually help in the treatment of the person.

Wisconsin Addiction Help Hotlines

Appleton – (920) 202-5615 Menomonee Falls – (262) 373-6016
Eau Claire – (715) 318-0023 Milwaukee – (414) 306-6351
Green Bay – (920) 264-0211 Milwaukee – (414) 375-2038
Green Bay – (920) 569-2611 Racine – (262) 672-6213
La Crosse – (608) 406-2616 Waukesha – (262) 347-3369
Madison – (608) 234-5003 Wausau – (715) 203-1329
Manitowoc – (920) 482-2915  

One of the major reasons for the inception of this approach in the substance abuse treatment in Wisconsin as the fact that if the social groups are not counseled properly about the addiction problem, there is a great chance that they might actually push the person further into the addiction. They may act as codependents and keep the person away from treatment. Also, they would not be able to properly look after the patient after recovery which could bring on a relapse.

Coordinated care plans mobilize everyone associated with the person to come forward and contribute towards the treatment in some way or the other, without actually coming in the way of the treatment itself. This approach of addiction treatment in Wisconsin is certainly proving quite popular and it is only a matter of time that it spreads onto the other states too.

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