Couples Seeking Substance Abuse Treatment

Many couples share a common substance abuse addiction. Whether it is an addiction to alcohol or drugs, many times when one person has an addiction, their partner will share the addiction as well.

Eventually, the couple may both agree that it is time for them to seek help for their problem and start substance abuse treatment.  This leads to the question, is it a good idea for the couple to seek their help together from the same program?

In some ways, it can be beneficial. If the couple has a strong relationship bond, they may feel stronger being together. Going through the addiction treatment together may make them feel more comfortable with the process by having a familiar face there with them.

Couples that share a substance abuse addiction, but have a healthy, strong relationship may very well benefit from receiving treatment from the same program or center, rather than receiving treatment separately.

On the other hand, some couples may actually be hindered by seeking treatment from the same drug rehab or treatment center. Couples that do not have a strong relationship or couples where one person is strongly co-dependant on the other may not be successful when receiving treatment together. This may cause one to feel they cannot speak freely about their situation with the treatment providers for fear of how the other will react. Or, if one person is responding to treatment better than their partner, may make the other feel inadequate or that there is a problem with themselves.

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