Alcoholism Aftercare Programs in Maryland

Programs for alcohol and drug rehab in Maryland lay a very strong emphasis on the aftercare that is provided after the inpatient detox program.

The inpatient detox program of Maryland typically lasts from three to seven days, but it could be more depending on the extent of the addiction and what kind of treatment is actually required.

However, once the detox is completed, the person is put into an aftercare counseling program, because the person needs to be weaned away from the urge for the addiction if a relapse is to be avoided. The following are the main aspects of the rehab treatment in Maryland.

Maryland Alcoholism Help Hotlines

Annapolis – (443) 569-6126 Gaithersburg – (240) 449-3880
Baltimore – (410) 777-8131 Prince Frederick – (443) 219-0615
Baltimore – (443) 743-3361 Silver Springs – (240) 449-3897
Berwyn – (240) 790-7121 Sykesville – (443) 219-0612
Bethesda – (240) 206-6285 Waterloo – (443) 899-9332
Capitol Heights – (240) 681-1121 Westminister – (443) 569-7402
Elkton – (443) 219-0618  

Prevention of a Relapse

It is very important to ensure that a relapse does not occur or the person will have to undergo the rigmarole of getting a whole addiction treatment again. Hence, the person is coached on how to identify the factors that can cause a relapse and is trained on how he or she must avoid these factors. The patient is also encouraged to participate in constructive activities and restart a social life so that the mind is taken away from the addiction. Another important aspect of the relapse prevention program is to include the person’s family into the drug treatment program in Maryland so that they can cope with conditions of a relapse and indeed behave in such a way that a relapse does not occur.

Social Readjustment

This refers to the aspect of the aftercare where the person is trained on entering back to normal living within the social milieu. The person is coached on rebuilding relationships, rejoining severed social connections, taking up a job, becoming active in sports and other events, etc. These help the person in getting back the life he or she had lost because of the addiction.

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