Alcoholism Outpatient Treatment in West Virginia

It is quite erroneous to think that you will get the same kind of treatment for all outpatient programs in West Virginia. In fact, there are two distinctly different types of outpatient addiction treatment in West Virginia.

However, even among each of these types, each program is distinctly different from the other because the policies and features that two programs will adopt will never be the same.

Here is a lowdown of the two types of the outpatient addiction treatment program in West Virginia. The first type is simply referred to as the outpatient treatment program, while the second one is referred to as the intensive outpatient treatment program.

The outpatient treatment program used for treating drug and alcohol abuse in West Virginia is targeted at those people who are completely stable physically and mentally to seek the treatment. That means, these people should not have any health repercussions of the treatment yet.

West Virginia Outpatient Treatment Hotlines

Alum Creek – (304) 915-0148 Saint Albans – (304) 721-2107
Alum Creek – (304) 945-0238 Saint Albans – (304) 945-0231
Charleston – (304) 982-7023  

They must also be able to determine themselves to stay away from the addiction. This is the mildest form of addiction treatment in West Virginia and being outpatient, it allows the person to stay at home. The program is conducted for about nine hours a week split into two or three sessions.

A more aggressive form of this treatment program is the intensive outpatient treatment program which is conducted for more than nine hours a week and can even go on for a five-day week or a seven-day week basis. The people undergoing this program may have certain health complications due to their addiction, but for some reason it may be better for them to continue living in their homes. However, for the counseling treatment, they will have to attend the treatment center.

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