Montana Alcohol Rehab Treatment Websites

There are several centers for drug and alcohol rehab in Montana that you will easily find over the Internet if you happen to make a search for them.

Just search with a keyword like drug rehab in Montana or alcohol rehab in Montana, and you will see the large number of options that exist within the state.

You will find some of the best options of the state in Billings and Missoula and in various other cities and towns, probably even your own region. But you do not have to look only at the distance from the rehab when you are searching for a good option for yourself. There are various other things to look for.

Montana Alcohol Rehab Hotlines

Billings – (406) 545-0310 Frenchtown – (406) 545-2133
Bozeman – (406) 322-3268 Laurel – (406) 530-6051
Bozeman – (406) 545-2136 Missoula – (406) 203-4815
Columbus – (406) 322-3262 Missoula – (406) 322-3270

When you are checking out the website of a drug or alcohol rehabilitation center in Montana, you have to look at two things in particular.

  1. Check out for state licensing information. The rehab center must have a license from the state of Montana, which you can find out about if you contact the people on Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration or the state department of health if they do not mention so explicitly on the website. In that case, you can even call them on the phone number provided and find out more about their licensing information.
  2. Read what methods of treatment the rehab is going to use. You have to make two things sure here. First, the methods that they use must be in accordance with the principles of the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Two, you should be comfortable with those methods.
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