Questions About Rehab

As one begins rehab their will be several concerns; What about my family, and my loved ones? What about my work? How long will treatment take?

While some of these do not have hard and fast answers in an effort to make your visit here a little smoother we’ll try to address them as best we can.

What about my family, and loved ones?

This is actually one of the simpler answers. Any one who really cares about you, whether they be family or not, wants what is best for you. When you have reached a level of drug use where its effects are flowing over into other areas of your life they will know that it is more important that you get help at our substance abuse treatment facility than anything else. You should expect their support for your recovery, though many times there are hard feelings that remain from the period of time when your drug abuse may have affected your relationship with any one of them.

Some of these conflicts may even be the things that brought you to your senses enough to get you to our facility.

What about my work?

It is often hard to leave a paying job to go to a drug treatment facility where you can not earn an income. However, ask yourself “how long would I keep my job if I let my drug use continue to spiral out of control”. Likely, not for long. So over time this work that you are missing will likely be beneficial to you career.

How long will treatment take?

Treatment will take different lengths of time for different people. It is natural to want to accomplish your drug rehabilitation. Do not let your rush to get it done get in the way of completing it properly, otherwise the time you will have spent with us will be wasted time.

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