Treatment Options for Alcohol Addiction in Alabama

One of the most obvious distinguishing factors of the alcohol treatment program in Alabama is the diversity.

The programs here range from the simple outpatient treatment programs which are nothing more than counseling treatment programs and on the other hand there are the drastic residential treatment programs that are targeted at the people whose addictions have gone to such an extent that recovery is difficult.

Actually, the various programs for alcohol treatment in Alabama are designed according to the needs of the different kinds of people. Now, since the addictions will definitely be to varying degrees, the treatment programs are also quite different.

Alabama Alcohol Addiction Hotlines

Athens – (256) 217-4276 Gadsen – (256) 399-0220
Auburn – (334) 246-5330 Huntsville – (256) 217-4779
Bessemer – (205) 417-2555 Jackson – (251) 589-7828
Birmingham – (205) 588-1625 Mobile – (251) 281-2090
Decatur – (256) 217-4788 Montgomery – (334) 649-3039
Florence – (256) 263-4262 Tuscaloosa – (205) 210-4979

For people who have an alcohol abuse in Alabama but are not quite deeply into the addiction, the outpatient treatment program will do just fine. Conducted at no more than nine hours a week, this program is for people who can get themselves determined to stay away from the alcohol. This program is very good for people who do not have any health repercussions yet because of their habit. They can live within their homes while attending the treatment several times a week.

But for people who are deeply into the addiction with some health complications thrown in, the inpatient treatment program becomes necessary. This program will include a detox program and then will go on to an aftercare counseling program that will lean heavily on relapse prevention. This will also include the family of the patient into the program to educate them on how they can cope with the situation and help the patient from getting a relapse. Hence, you will find alcohol addiction treatment in Alabama catering to people with different degrees of addictions.

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